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Brave Girl in Scotland - Routine Establishing and Rediscovery

This has been the longest week of my life.

Let me tell you something, I have had some epically long weeks before too.

Looking back at it, I believe that a combination of moving into a new place; figuring out my new university and all the little details it has to offer; sorting out the complex web of visa paperwork and various other requirements for international students; walking/hiking approximately 6-8 miles a day; and constantly being with people throughout all of this has been the source of my exhaustion.

Well... when I write it all down, it seems understandable I'm so tired. I suppose that's something.

In reality, most of what I've had to do hasn't been all that hard. Yes, there are a lot of little strings for me to pick up and make sure I don't let fall behind, but really, that's not so bad. That part is fairly normal for me.

What has been so unusual, is my constant companionship.

I'm making an extraordinary effort to make and maintain friendships early on into my time here. This, of course, is completely out of the ordinary for me.

However, this situation has been all together different for many reasons.

I really enjoy my roommates. Both of them are graduate students like me, and though I have met both of them, I'm not sure they have met each other yet. Let me remind you, it has been a week since we all moved in.

One is studying Law, the other studying Chemistry, so the three of us couldn't have more different majors. I have seen one roommate a whopping two times, once when she moved in, and once by chance. The other I see with somewhat more regularity, but since the doors in our flat all automatically shut, I never know who is home and who isn't. This arrangement, while new for me as I tend to bond immediately with my flatmates, has been somewhat pleasant. It has left my home to be the final place for me to be an introvert, something I'm desperately needing.

Because I've been constantly with people all week. Don't get me wrong, I love it, and I've met some awesome people and had extraordinary talks and adventures, but this omnivert needs balance.

And more sleep.


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